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Saturday, 26 February 2011

n7 v circus

circus is one of my favourite places in london.
i like the food, the design, the music, the performers and i like the people who work there.
( even if they don't deliver on the coffee front )

one of my favourite things about circus is that there are so many great parts 
of the interior to shoot some self-portraits.

it's daaaaarrrk !


yeah, that's better.
as you can probably tell:  
cashmere top from marc jacobs, london.
evisu jeans from the evisu store on savile row, london.
krink af-1's from 21 mercer, new york.
miserable facial expression from warrington, cheshire.

and finally after months spent perfecting my self-portrait pose "grrr !"
here's a new one.
i call this one "is there any chance ?"

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