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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

oh dear

the other day after a shoot, g-fog ran to kaffeine to buy me a flat white.

sitting in the car sipping at my drink g-fog suddenly picked up my gf-1 and took a photo.
i thought she was photographing me drinking coffee so obviously i had no problem, but...
...she was actually photographing what she'd spotted through the window.
some sort of shoot on the street.

i took the gf-1 and rattled off a few frames
i love seeing other photographers at work... 
ok, i love criticising other photographers at work.

this bloke was having a nightmare. at one point he took his sunglasses off and
held them infront of his camera's lens.
the model looked a bit nervous too.

in fairness the bloke was shooting right into the sun and i think he was having problems
my only problem was that a couple of parked cars were in my way.

oh... he didn't need that
loads of people kept pushing past him. it was a busy place after all.

the model was working it
but the photographer was having a bad time of it

he gave up on that shot and escorted the girl to some steps
was her skirt short enough by the way ? it was like a greyhound !

i took one last shot
and left them to it... after all, i had coffee to drink.

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