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Monday, 7 February 2011

on my ( shuffle ) coffee table this week

it's everybody's favourite post... right ?

well have a butchers at my coffee table this week...
hmmm, kind of colour co-ordinated, which appeals to me.

book: restroom by jennifer hudson
it's a big coffee table book. not a lot of writing, mainly really nice photos
of the grooviest and most well designed restrooms in the world.
there are some particularly good photos on page 166 and 167 by the way.

dvd: shogun assassin
a true cult classic.
"when i was little, my father was famous... he was the greatest samurai in the empire"
get some beers in and watch this film. 

cd: hip hop vs it all by ted shred
there's a story behind how i have this album. maybe i'll tell it in a separate post
for now i just recommend you find this on ebay perhaps  and give it a listen.

ted shred is a genius, pure and simple. he was way ahead of his time. i would go so far
as to say he invented the mash-up. this is his debut album, released on upper
playground featuring a cover by sam flores.
it's ted doing his thing, and it's all done live on two decks. it's an incredible album.
you'll sing along, you'll laugh, you'll be amazed.

right, i'm off to photograph his other two albums and tell you how i discovered him.

forget about the book, pick up the dvd for a fiver or less if you want a laugh
but most important of all, find this album...
( oh, and watch 'fish story' )


  1. I'll never forget wanting to see this - was it on the banned list in the 80's? - was it officially classified as a 'video nasty' - oh, those were the days.

    I will have to see this aging to see how it holds up after [coughs] 30 years.

  2. I can't believe I typed aging instead of again...

    oh dear...

  3. it holds up well. it's a classic.

  4. thanks for playin my cd

    1. Ted Shred cant mix at all.....give it up Ted