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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

rihanna, put some clothes on !

what's the story with rihanna ?

it seems to me that every time i see her, she's wearing less and less clothes.
at the brit awards she did a passable imitation of a stripper... albeit a miming stripper.
now she's popped up ( and almost popped out ) in the new kanye west video...
the hype williams directed "all of the lights"

here's a still of her in action from the video

and another...
you get the picture. in fairness she's nicer to look at than yeezy ranting on a cop car.
she's less hard work than the flashing lyrics, but i just can't help thinking that she's
going to catch a cold dressing like that.

have a look at the video if you must, though those with photosensitive epilepsy
should probably give it a miss. i tried to post it here but it wouldn't happen for me.
just look on youtube for 'all of the lights kanye west'

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