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Saturday, 5 February 2011

fleet river bakery

i had a shoot in chancery lane last week.
i got there about an hour early ( it's a long story ) so i had a look around to
find a suitable place for a spot of late breakfast.

i chanced upon the most amazing little place.
in a way i want to keep this place to myself, but then again i guess a lot
of people who read this don't live in sunny london so here it is...

 fleet river bakery... what a place.
it's in a strange, unpromising location and it doesn't look much from the outside
but trust me on this one... you'll like this place. it's like a tardis, or
thinking about it, it kind of reminds me of the pub i was in last night...
ye olde cheshire cheese, in fleet street.

anyway, i didn't take any photos of the interior, just a quick shot of my breakfast.
which was outstanding.

and a shot of my flat white.
which was very decent.

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