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Friday, 4 February 2011


i didn't have many restaurant interior shoots in january, 
but i've had two in two days in february so far.

yesterday i didn't get a self-portrait, so today to make up for it, i did two.

first up, textbook pose.
this was early in the shoot when my hair was looking good.
it's pose number one in my book. thumbs in pockets, shoulders back.. it's all good.

for those interested i'm wearing: 
a long sleeve top from the bathing ape store in shibuya, tokyo.
marc jacobs trousers from marc jacobs, london.
krink edition nike air force 1's from alife, new york.

later on, when my hair had started to misbehave, i decided to try another pose.
keen observers of my blog / stalkers may remember that i tried it once before...
today i tried it again...
nope... it's still not working for me !

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