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Thursday, 10 February 2011

self-portrait in east sussex

i had an interiors shoot in east sussex this morning.
i left whitfield towers at 6.30am and was jonesing for coffee when i arrived 
at the location. i think it shows in my self-portrait.
then again perhaps not, as that's how i look when i'm happy too.

on the clothing front i was wearing a prada top, stüssy / levis and maharam edition af-1's.

here's a closer look at today's choice of footwear...
these are possibly my favourite af-1's. 
there are no other pair anything like these. each shoe is unique and is constructed from
a fabric manufactured by maharam, called 'layers'.
it's quite a famous fabric and has been exhibited in the museum of modern art in 
new york. also these were only available to buy from one shop in the whole world...
'moss' in manhattan. 
they were a very limited edition too ( only 250 pairs made ) so i think it's quite unlikely that you'll see another pair of these in london... even in the uk.

then again, if you're ever invited to whitfield towers you might see two pairs...
( that's right, i've got two pairs of these bad boys. one pair is box fresh and the others
i use to bring heat to the streets of n7 )

boom !

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