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Sunday, 13 February 2011

observations from the top deck of the 17 bus

when i travel by bus i like to snag the front seat on the top deck.
today i was on the 17 to high holborn and i saw a few interesting things...
well maybe not that interesting but i've got a blog that's becoming quite
popular in japan for some reason, so i need to keep it filled with something.

first up on the caledonian road i spotted this bloke on a motorbike
i'm not a fan of motorbikes but i like good design and i thoroughly approve of the
mondrian style thing he was riding. it makes a tasty change from just a plain coloured
effort don't you think ?

i'm not a fan of his almonds but they do go nicely with the bike i suppose.

on the fashion front i liked this girl's style at kings cross
all grey and black but with purple scarf and boots.

also at the kings cross bus stop i spotted this bloke
it's hard to tell from this pic, but his hat was very nice. it looked like tweed.

ok, this is getting less interesting, but what do you expect from the top of a bus ?
for one thing, it always amazes me how closely buses pull up behind each other.
it's one of the worst things about sitting in my preferred seat.

the sign was a good one though. the trees were indeed a bit on the low side.
scrapy times on the 17.

ok, that's probably lost me a few japanese viewers, but perhaps it's gained me 
a number of bus enthusiasts. hmmm...

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