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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

fazenda uk

there's a cracking little coffee shop in e1 that i discovered by chance last year.

i actually chanced upon it the day after it opened.

well today i had a portrait shoot near spitalfields and i parked somewhere that
 i knew was close to the coffee shop. after my shoot i strolled around the corner
to what i then discovered is called 'fazenda uk' not 'fazendauk'
antonio, the owner seemed pleased to see me and we had a good old chat.

on the coffee front, i started off with a double espresso
i can't begin to tell you how good this was.

in a matter of moments...

i had a bit of a look around from where i sat...
there was quite a collection of coffee makers and a big display of beans

personally i do like a blend that includes guatemalan beans

i noted that there were a few home-made tarts in the window
see the apple one on the left ? 
see that it's missing a piece ?

oh yes !
it was like something a nan would make... and i mean that in a good way.

of course in a situation like this, i was going to need another coffee to help out
strong latte. genius !

i know i recommend coffee places on a regular basis but this one is really special.

if you're ever nearby... spitalfields, bishopsgate, brick lane, aldgate east...
go and check it out. it's at 13 leyden street, e1.

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