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Monday, 28 June 2010

bad day

yesterday was quite a bad day.

my laptop finally packed in. grrr !

 easyjet tried to charge me £250 for excess baggage then had us queue up for an hour before letting us board the plane.
then when we were all seated the captain announced that we'd been given a new take-off slot... in 1 hour 50 minutes.

on top of all this, i was missing england v germany... well, i missed the game on telly but i was kept up to speed as the drama unfolded by some fantastic text messages from jess in spain, and chris in england.

in the evening i settled down to watch the highlights...

schoolboy defending. 1-0 to germany

and again, 2-0 to germany

oh hello... matthew upson makes it 2-1

then frank lampard makes it 2-2
after this brilliant goal, england continued to rip germany apart and eventually won the game 5-2

a great end to an otherwise bad day...

oh, ok, lampard's goal was not given

more comical defending allowed germany to make it 3-1

in the name of all that's holy ! ... 4-1

and i thought wales were the only team to defend badly while wearing an all red kit.

ah well... until next time...

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  1. Lampards disallowed goal is germanys revenge for that awful decision made in '66 by that myopic russian linesman!