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Monday, 28 June 2010

wedding food

as you know, i've been away shooting in portugal for a week. hopefully i'll have some decent pics to show in a day or two, but now that i'm back i need to finish editing the wedding photographs from a couple of weeks ago.

before i crack on with the editing, let me show you what we ate at the wedding...

first course
a kind of mini-breakfast. genius !

obviously i didn't touch the tomato. mushrooms or that green thing, but bacon, sausage and a poached quail's egg on toast... get in.

second course
i forget what this was called... it was a cheese souffle kind of effort. hot cheese inside,
mmmmm.... ( naturally the greenery was discarded )

third course
what a touch ! grapefruit sorbet to clear the palatte
( some sort of red berries too ) very tidy.

fourth course
it just gets better and better. scallops and... after shifting the green stuff off the top, guess what was in the middle of the plate ?
mushy peas !
( i think it was called pea puree - ed )
mushy peas !
magic darts !

fifth course
slam in the lamb
( but don't touch those long green things or the carrot )

sixth course
another touch... a hot chocolate filled chocolate thing. also some very nice ice-cream on top of crushed biscuit.

after this there was coffee and fondants too.

it was without doubt, one of the best weddings i've been to all month.

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