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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

self portraits in martinhal

apart from coffee, trainers, football and all things welsh, i do love the odd self-portrait.
i know i'm no model but i do like to have my photo taken... preferably by myself, hopefully with an interesting background and always looking miserable... it's my thing.

so in martinhal i was spoilt for choice. loads of nice backgrounds. i think i showed a few self-portraits in earlier posts:

 but after looking through my cards today, i also found these...

here i am wearing a bathing ape polo shirt, bape camo shorts and nike af1 year of the horse kicks.
this was in the reception at the martinhal resort. the sofa is worth a few bob  by the way.

this was in one of the bay view apartments.
hooks from twentytwentyone
bench by michael sodeau
bape t-shirt, maharishi shorts, trainers by marc newson for nike.

check this out...
it looks like a white border around the photo, but no...

it's actually the framework of the hotel room
i think i got dressed in the dark on this day...
shirt by evisu, ape head camo cargo shorts by a bathing ape, nike af1's

and there's more...
just inside my room. chairs by michael sodeau for martinhal.
facial expression by me for myself.

and in the evening, doing a few exterior shots, i found a location for this...
john smedley woolen sweater as a token nod towards the crispy portuguese evening.

and finally...
i wont lie... it took 12 shots to get this right. the camera was on the self timer with a 12 second delay. i have many other frames of me just about to jump, of me already landed, with my eyes closed etc. but finally here i am in the air and with my trademark look.

perfectao !

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