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Saturday, 11 October 2014

a weekend away

about a month ago myself and mrs w went for a weekend away to the countryside.

i always call places outside london the countryside because i'm pretty useless
at geography and get confused with counties and what not.

anyway, the place we stayed at was a pub which was mainly a restaurant
and also had some bedrooms.

in the bar area of the place i spotted this little gentleman
oi oi !

it was a nice old place. lots of low wooden beams to crack your head on
and all that.

one day at the weekend, we visited the hind's head in bray
this was the menu.
can you guess what i had to eat ?

that's right
i started with a scotch egg.
it was genius.
like a diamond bullet through the temple.
an absolute stroke of genius.

after my scotch egg starter
loop the loop.
this had some nice pieces of ham kicking around in it but for my liking it
tasted a little too much like real peas rather than the artificial flavouring
i was used to from cans of pea soup when i was a nipper.

i think i had a joe blake for main and then i opted for this lad
it had that popping candy stuff involved, which got on my nerves more than somewhat
but all in all it was certainly better than my mum making me some angel's delight.

nice one heston.

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