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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

design junction pics

design junction was almost a month ago now.

i think i showed you a few pics here from the sock club london stand,
but let me go through my blog folder and see if i have any other pics
kicking around from design junction.

i had to do a group shot of some designers early one morning.
this is one of the shots i took when i was setting up.

another version where somebody pushed a rubbish skip through the background while
i was trying to pose like a designer.

what's the collective noun for a load of designers ?
a collection ?

i've no idea who these three lads are but after the group pic they asked if i would take a photo of them as they were old friends or some such.

they asked if i could send the pic to them and i said yes, gave them my card and asked
them to email me and i'd send it.

did they email me ?


so lads... if you want a hi-res of this pic just email me.

i had to shoot a portrait of a couple of chefs at design junction one morning.
this was my first frame

moving in a little and getting that table out of the way

chefs posing like bosses.

excellent !

of course before i did the portraits of the chefs i had my assistant stand in
may i draw your attention to somebody skulking about on the right hand side...
in the kitchen...

and as surely as night follows day
me and my assistant... and the chef.

at design junction i met some complete strokers,
but i did also meet some absolutely lovely people.

these two from the emerald isle were maybe the nicest people i met all week.

in the modus room at design junction i really fancied having my photo taken against this big circular pattern.
one of the girls from modus decided i couldn't have a solo shot there.

then her mate chipped in too.

i'm pretty sure this girl hated me

this lady was late for the designer's group photo so i had to photograph 
her by herself.
i had no idea who she was until after she'd gone.
turns out she designs a load of stuff i really like.

plus my mum has written to her and she replied.
( don't ask )

a great bloke i met at the coffee shop in design junction

the chap from waterford doing his thing.
genius !

and finally. this mirror / light attracted phone cameras like moths to the flame.

design junction was an interesting event. if you didn't visit, i strongly recommend you
do next year. it's an amazing thing. well worth seeing.

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