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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

train and vain

there's a song by the clash called 'train in vain' which is an absolute blinder.
it's one of the songs i like to listen to while i'm running... when i'm training
for the 10k i'm going to attempt to run on november 2nd.

it's kind of an apt title as you know i like to take the odd self-portrait.

what i've been doing lately is taking photos of myself in the gym changing room at whitfield towers. sometimes i take a before and after photo, sometimes just an 'after' photo.

anyway, here are a few.

this is the first photo i took, after my first run.
i think i managed to run for just over 15 minutes.
i was running at 13k/hour, which i found to be a little tiring shall we say.

next up, when i decided it would be a good idea to run in a long sleeved top
it seemed like a good idea here, as i stood posing for the 'before' pic

afterwards i was sweating like john galliano at a bar mitzvah
and was regretting the choice of a heavy long sleeved top
more than somewhat.

back to a thinner short sleeve t-shirt next time
posing confidently before my run

after my run ( 5km in 27 minutes )

after wearing grey tops for two runs on the bounce, i decided that 
walking around looking sweaty wasn't a good look so i opted for black
here i am before my run

and after
not much difference really.
maybe i look a little angrier and my hair is a little rougher
but no signs of exhaustion.
well played black t-shirt.

for my next trick, i decided to run in an old wales away footy shirt
before the run, posing confidently as 'land of our fathers' plays on my ipod

6k later
and i'm beginning to doubt i'll ever manage to run for 10k

next time up i didn't do a before photo,
just this shot after i'd run for 5k ( in 26 minutes )
aside from the damage to my knees, feet and hair, i must say that
although i don't enjoy running, i do enjoy the feeling afterwards...
the feeling that i've done something. used a bit of will power and run harder
and further than my body ( and hair ) wanted to.

oh, and i do enjoy posing for self-portraits afterwards.

thank-you to everybody who has chipped in and sponsored me 
and my daughter so far.
if you want to read a little about what we are doing and see how you can get yourself
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