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Saturday, 11 October 2014

vanessa and the norwegian note

ok, this is going to take some catching up.

but firstly i'd like to thank a lady named vanessa, who i met last week.

she approached me at a show in clerkenwell and said 
"you don't know me, but i follow your blog"

i felt embarrassed that i'd let it slip for so long and asked her what she likes
about it. maybe i could do the first blog post especially for her when i returned ?

i asked if she liked trainers, coffee, food, photos of me looking miserable
in restaurants ?

she replied that she doesn't care for any of those and that she has nothing in common
with me. she just likes reading my blog.

so, i dedicate this post especially to vanessa.

i always used to think we had the best notes in the world
( and obviously the usa have the worst )

and then along came norway with this beauty.

outstanding work !

ok, that's your lot vanessa, i'm off to get some norwegian cash.

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