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Saturday, 11 October 2014

sock club london

how remiss of me.

i probably didn't tell you, but i started a new venture recently.

it's called sock club london

i'd like to think it's the capital city's premier club based around
gentlemen's hosiery.

anyway, sock club has taken up all my spare time recently
( where i haven't been running / collapsing / using industrial language )

when s.c.l. launched, we had a photo exhibition which ran for a month
at the exposure gallery in london.

when i get around to it, maybe i'll find some pics of the exhibition space
but in the meantime, here's a phone pic i took of the prints all framed up and ready
to be well hung

the launch was a 'made in england' collection and my photographs
illustrated the three old english factories where the three products we have for sale
were made.

and here's one of me wearing my favourite pair from the made in england collection

sock club operates a membership scheme
and each member get's an individually numbered card.

i'm 002 and some kind people in the usa made me some personalised socks
thanks to joe and marshall for these bad boys.

in hoxton.


now seriously, head on over to 
and have a looky.

the socks are incredible. made in england for us by pantherella.
made from the finest egyptian cotton and with added vitamin-c.
these socks are guaranteed to make you more attractive to the opposite sex,
help you lose weight, run faster and see through walls.

for the price of a pair of socks you can add an extra £1 and become a member.
no pressure... but come on down and be a member of sock club london.

we've got your back...

... well, we've got your ankles anyway.

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