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Thursday, 16 October 2014

design junction

my company 'sock club london' had a pop-up shop at design junction last month

here's me wearing my new sock club london polo shirt with extra large logo

an one of me standing in front of the four styles of sock we had on sale
any idea which pair are my favourites ?

for the first three days my assistant at the shop was h-h
she wasn't very good at posing but i was fantastic.

actually, here's one where she was ok
looks like she's adopting my happy go lucky style here.

oh... there she is in a lighter mood.

back to the official n7 look on day four
when even free ice creams didn't cheer us up

on day five i had a new assistant
let's call her miss.d.

fair play to her. she was a cheerful little thing but at the end of the show
when i asked my special boy to take a photo of us...
sha adopted a miserable expression.

excellent !

a big thank-you to all the staff who helped on the sock club london stand 
during design junction, especially uncle manly for the get-in and my special
boy for the de-rig.

there will be socks !

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