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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

kitchen shelves

when our kitchen was being built a couple of years ago there was a gap at the end of the units. the designer asked if i'd like some shelves to fill the space. he asked how many i would like and how far apart they should be. i told him that i wanted them to be configured so that i could fit a football in each space. no idea why i said that... perhaps i was seriously thinking about exhibiting three footballs in the kitchen ? it sounds like the sort of thing i'd do.

anyway, this is how they look today.

on the bottom shelf...
a couple of years ago on the final morning of my first trip to tokyo i wanted to spend my last few yen just before i caught the bus to the airport. the nearest shop to my hotel was a 7-11 and i spent my last few bob on bottles of salt. well, i thought they looked nice and also i could pack them easily into some trainers i'd bought.

middle shelf...
my artist edition beer bottles. from left to right: jeff koons, tracey emin, yoko ono, damien hirst... er and then some that i can't remember.

and top shelf...
a very important piece. a dumb luck rabbit, signed by the artist gary baseman.
the story is that this rabbit is so dumb that he cut of his own foot for good luck !

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