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Monday, 30 August 2010

road trip

on friday i had a bit of a road trip. it was to a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.
the place was about a 20 minute drive from ludlow, although it took me an hour and a half to drive there from ludlow ( many thanks to google maps for this )

i left whitfield towers at 6.30am so by 9.30am-ish i was absolutely hank...
time for breakfast and look what's in the lay-by.
very nice roadside cafe

i ordered up the big breakfast ( minus the tomatoes )
it really hit the spot. shame i didn't photograph the slice of bread and butter that came with it. the bread was about 3 inches thick.

it was a very tidy cafe. very clean and they supplied all the red-tops too.
so if you're ever on the road to ludlow and feeling peckish, drive about a mile past the little chef and pull into the lay by.

( the advice "drive past the little chef" applies pretty much anywhere in the country )

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