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Friday, 4 January 2013

birthday present ?

no, it's not really a birthday present but i just wanted to remind you all
that my birthday is on january 13th.

let's call it a new year's present then.

somebody i've never met but in a way i know.
didn't think you could get... 
( leave it - ed )

ok, somebody i've never met sent me a cd through the post.
shocking use of capital letters but oh well. the other touches were nice.
the 2012 compo stamp for example.

a limited edition
hand stamped too.

yet another example of handstampingness was spotted when i opened up the thing.
using a third colour too... a green penguin.

and here's the whole package
a cd of this bloke's favourite pieces of music from 2012
plus some really nice polaroid type prints.

what a really nice gesture. thank you le tissier.

i've only listened to the cd once but there are definitely some winners
on there. ( the first and last tracks for sure )

only blokes do this whole making a cd compilation thing don't they ?

anyway... my birthday is on january 13th.

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