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Saturday, 26 January 2013

final iphone pics from my holiday

at last. the final few iphone snapshots from my holiday.

i had a one night stopover in bangkok on the way home.
my hotel was decent and it's name began with an 'm'
in my room there was this big golden rug... it really tied the room together.
it was the nicest rug i've ever trodden on. it was bouncy.

the view from my hotel room window.
the king waving at me.

if you've ever been to whitfield towers you'll know that i have a bit of a thing
about cables.
the cabling on the streets of bangkok was out of order.
very shoddy.

the traffic was pretty gruesome too.

do you like tuk tuks ?
i'm a fan.

that's a bad sign.
but it's a good sign.

big woman trying to snatch some lad's handbag.

outstanding breakfast cereal boxes.
if i wasn't such a gentleman i would have taken a couple of these home.

after breakfast. 
all packed up and ready to head to the airport.
that golden rug though...

i like luggage.
i've had this burton snowboards bag for years now, maybe since 1995.
it is still in tip top condition and one of the best designed bags i've seen.

that rug though...

for an iphone pic, i thought this was quite nice.
flowers in the hotel reception.

the lady checking out of the hotel next to me had some style...
a bathing ape bag and missoni converse all stars.
very nice indeed.

do you ever buy anything at airport duty free shops ?
the lady who checked out of the hotel next to me bought me a new watch.

maybe she'd heard that it was my birthday a few days previously ?

after bangkok airlines, perhaps my second favourite airline is eva air.
they look after you very nicely indeed.

this was my plane for the flight home.
sadly just as we were about to take off, the pilot turned this bad boy around
and took us to a quiet spot away from the runway 
where a load of mechanics came over to try and fix a fault with the plane.

not what you need just before a 12 hour flight but fair play to eva air,
they handled the whole thing really well. plus they fixed it... right ?

plus the lady sitting next to me was studying how to fly planes so i felt safe.

full stretch and i couldn't even touch the seat in front of me.
magic darts !

if i had any gripe with eva air it would be that i wasn't that impressed with the films they had available to watch. "looper" was the only film out of the list of new releases that i fancied watching and after sitting through 45 minutes of it...
well if i wasn't on a plane i'd have walked out.

in the end i settled down to watch 'amelie' for the nth time.
the stars on the ceiling were a nice touch eh ?

even though i knew my cab driver would be late
( his son is a famous actor by the way )
i still studied the line up of usual suspects... the men in black...
the 'limousine' drivers holding up their namecards.

if i had that job i swear i'd wear all white just to stand out.

after 40 minutes my cab turned up.

45 minutes later i'm back at whitfield towers.

last time i looked out of a window it was at the baking hot streets of bangkok.
the mean streets of n7 looked somewhat different.

brrr ! / grrr !

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