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Saturday, 5 January 2013

nils frahm

so far i'm feeling pretty uninspired blog-wise in 2013.

maybe it's because it's dark a lot of the time ?

maybe it's because i've got a really sore shoulder and i've
been in a lot of shania twain most days ?

for whatever reasons, i haven't taken many photos so far.

it will change next week, that's for sure... you'll see.

but in the meantime here's what i like to term as a cheap blog post.

the cd i received a few days ago had some decent tunes on it.
in my opinion the best ones were by a bloke called nils frahm.

he's a pianist.
last year he broke his thumb and...

oh why don't i just show you what he wrote about the matter.

here's a link to his website type thing

where he very kindly allows us to download ( free of charge )
the 9 little tunes he recorded with 9 digits.

i recommend you download them.
then i recommend you maybe send him some money too.

perhaps buy one of his other cds ?

because people who give you something for free, kind of deserve
something in return right ?

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