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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

tidying up my blog folder

ok. before i get into full swing for my 2013 blog.
before i get the hang of doing one post per day with perhaps
a few different subjects, let me tidy up my blog folder.

these are the photos i had kicking around that i didn't manage to fit into
any posts during the final month or so of 2012.

hmmm... from a post i wanted to do about one of my favourite musicians.
nicolas jaar.

he released an album last year, not on cd. not on digital download, but on 
a metal cube.

it's a long and complicated story. perhaps i'll tell you about it later this year.

the boss.
i like the boss. she is kind and funny and wears nice shoes.
i don't like that her blackberry screen is broken though.
it always makes me think she's going to cut herself.

i love it when i have a story to accompany my trainer buying.
one of my favourite stories goes with these bad boys, which i bought in beijing.
i still haven't worn them yet. i just tried them on for a photo.
maybe when i debut them properly, i'll tell you the story.

staff meal time at hkk.
i like hkk very much.

a foamposite af-1 on display at footpatrol.
if i think about it. this would have made my top 20 of 2012 list
( or my top 22 list as it turned out )

the trainers i bought from footpatrol on that famous saturday
in december when nike released 30 pairs of air force 1's.
these are from the comfort pack... and yes, they're comfortable.
it's difficult to see here but they are white with a white camo effect.
the yellow parts also have a yellow camo, kind of embossed into them.

gooner jeff. an iphone photo of my entourage linguistics master
taken inside the emirates stadium minutes after arsenal beat 
newcastle united 7-3.

an illustration i did using sharpies.
this is on a home-made birthday card i knocked up for a friend of mine
who's birthday is on january 1st.

( my birthday is january 13th by the way... in case you were wondering )

don't ask.

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