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Monday, 21 January 2013

holiday in thailand

 for the next few days i'm going to bore you with a load of iphone photos 
i took during my birthday break in thailand.

9 pics today

this was the view from my window as we were about to land in bangkok.
should my phone have been switched off at this stage ?

in the bangkok airways lounge as i waited for the connecting flight to koh samui, 
i noted that the christmas decorations were still kicking around.
snowmen always leave me cold ( leave it )
i like that they generally seem happy. 
i like that they usually wear nice hats and scarves.
but i don't like carrots.

using the iphone's front camera is always a bit of a joke, but you know me...
i can't resist a self-portrait.
here i am at koh samui airport waiting for my bags to turn up on the carousel.
note that i always try to fly the flag when i'm travelling, and though a long sleeve
top seemed like a good idea in london, it was a little bit too hot for it in samui.

i do this shot every time i'm waiting by the baggage carousel in an airport.
i must have quite a collection now of my footwear next to a 'keep behind the line'
sign written in a foreign language.
talking of which, thai writing... not bad !

essentials on day one by the pool in samui

finalhome on a lounger by the pool, waiting for his beer to arrive.

i don't know if i mentioned it recently, but it was to be my birthday
while i was out in thailand.
watches are very important to me and for this trip i took my bapex with me.
this watch was a birthday present maybe 5 or 6 years ago and it's an absolute
corker. lots of really sweet details that you can only see close up.
it's based on the rolex daytona... but more of that later.

this is a little thing at the resort that each room has.
it's a little figure that you hang outside your door when you don't want
to be disturbed.
is it just me or does this one look like john lennon with problems ?

you know how i feel about coffee right ?
the staff at the resort were going to need training up to make my coffee each morning.
this was the first of many coffees during my stay.

strong latte kaaaaaa ( as the waitress would say )

more tomorrow.


  1. Hmm, I'm feeling a bit short changed as you've already posted some of these photos, but I guess each passing year brings a little more short term memory impairment