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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

more holiday pics

some more iphone photos from thailand last week

while i was on holiday i read a book called '600 days of edward'
sadly, it kind of reminded me of me.
i would say it was a good book... certainly an easy, quick book to read.
if you get a chance you should read it.
when you've read it you will have an insight into how i like my food and drink.
for instance, i think i stayed at this resort for say 10 breakfasts.
for 8 of those breakfasts i got the chef to make me an omelette.
the same omelette.
not only did i have to tell him each day what i wanted in the omelette
but i also had to stop him each day from putting other things in the omelette
and from putting salad on the plate.

because if some salad touched my omelette, then i couldn't eat it.
right ?

what ?

of course an omelette does need a little help.
so each day i called for reinforcements... there they are on my extra plate.

3 potato croquettes, 2 pieces of bacon and...

...some baked beans.

the omelette by the way has the following fillings:
ham, bacon, sausage, cheese and peppers ( red and green but not yellow )

what ?

another part of my breakfast ritual was to have a mixed berry smoothie
after my second strong latte.
i think i had one every day.

blue skies and all that

one of the pools.
this one was my favourite pool. 
the other pool wasn't a perfect rectangle, it had all sticky out bits.

another day another omelette
ham, bacon, sausage, cheese and peppers ( red and green but not yellow )

as surely as night follows day.
as surely as arsene wenger thinks arsenal were robbed after losing a game.
another berry smoothie for me.

stüssy hat, bape camo shorts, bape camo bag, ( multee ) project caribiner.

the view from my lounger / pod thing

do you like snakes ?
like spiders and red trousers i am pretty scared of snakes.
even now i can't believe i was brave enough to get this close to this lad.
plus i knew he wouldn't be impressed when the flash went off when i took his photo.
still, it's all about overcoming your fears right ?
maybe one day i'll try yellow peppers in my omelette ?

though i don't appreciate red trousers, i do like these red camo cargo shorts.
they are by a bathing ape. so were my trainers of choice for this trip.

what the what ?!
i was tempted away from the omelette man by the 'special' of the day.
this day it was steak and egg.
it was a schoolboy error... i should have had an omelette.

do you like coffee in a glass ? so you can see the layers of coffee and milk ?
i don't.

then again, in silhouette it's ok.
as you can see, breakfast was almost served on the beach.
fair enough.

boss behaviour.

more tomorrow.


  1. awesome pool. nice shorts. looks like you had a good holiday.

    apparently green peppers are just unripe red ones. not sure where that leaves yellow peppers..

    1. i think it leaves them in the bowl next to the salad because i'm not eating them.

  2. all peppers are the same, it's just how long they are left on the plant. green is under ripe, yellow and orange a bit more ripe and then red very ripe

    oh and i think i've fixed posting comments

  3. i am very surprised that you allowed an odd number of croquettes onto the plate - only 2 or 4 would be acceptable.

    1. hmmm... 4 seemed too greedy. 2 seemed not enough.

  4. yep - he fixed the comments thing - just allow cookies from third party sites...

    all hail the technical prowess of nick 'what i don't know about peppers isn't worth knowing' nameless

  5. all looks rather wonderful as I sit in my cold office!

    1. it was the best of times.

      it was my birthday while i was out there.

      did i mention it ?