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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

one last look at thailand

i know i said i was done with thailand photos but today i need
to have one last look back via a few photos which i hope you'll
see are of a higher quality than those from my iphone.

so here we go. 11 more predictable photos.

no idea really ?
perhaps i was just testing my camera ?
and no, that's not my belly, it's just the way the t-shirt is hanging.

one of the swimming pools and the huts where you can get
a massage or do yoga.

arsenal shirt, manchester united hat.
the thai people seem to love english football.
this bloke told me he had the shirt for every premier league team.

finalhome watching the eastern european girls while waiting for happy hour.

steak, egg, potato croquettes.
a rare non-omelette morning in sala samui.

most mornings at sala samui.

one of my favourite views.
sunset on my birthday.

did i mention... etc, etc...

another of my favourite views.
night time on the little beach where sala samui is situated.
a great place to watch the stars, to observe how quickly they move
and then to realise they're aeroplanes.

now, my favourite three views from samui and bangkok

this was just before sunset.
me in the garden of sala 44
standing next to the private pool where i used to swim many lengths each day.

union jack logo polo shirt by lacoste
cargo pants by dqm
bapestas by a bathing ape

this time in front of one of the resort pools one early evening.

t-shirt by comme des garçons
trousers by paul smith
undefeated x converse all stars

and finally, in bangkok outside the metropolitan hotel

t-shirt by comme des garçons
camo cargo shorts by a bathing ape
bapestas as before.

right, that's it.

no more photos from thailand. it's all uk from now on...

( though i might be shooting in tokyo in march )

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  1. Nick Nameless (or maybe Shameless)30 January 2013 at 12:56

    disappointed that the photographer photographs finalhome and not the east european girls!