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Friday, 25 January 2013

getting there

i'm getting there with the iphone pics from thailand
but i think there are too many for one post today
( plus i'm in a hurry )

so some today then the rest tomorrow.

finalhome relaxing in the sun, waiting for happy hour.

a shock non-omelette day.
once again i was tempted by the offer of steak and egg as the daily special.
in the distance i could see the omelette man gently weeping.

i saw this little monkey most days.
on my penultimate day in samui i could no longer resist.

the little thing was so cute that i forgot to be miserable.

final morning. final omelette.

packing my bag for the flight to bangkok.

i want to give a big shout to bangkok airways.
seriously, they were absolutely magic.
they're what you'd call a boutique airline and they own koh samui airport
which i think i mentioned previously is probably my favourite airport in the world.

inside the gents at koh samui airport.
outstanding !

hello lads

i believe i showed the in flight meal in a previous post. this photo is just to show 
you a bit of thai writing. isn't it great ?

blinding legroom on the flight from koh samui to bangkok.
at full stretch i could just about reach the seat in front of me.

this irked me more than somewhat.
we're flying with a really nice airline. perhaps the friendliest most helpful
staff you could hope for. great service and as i said before, plenty of legroom.
so the american bloke in front of me rests with his foot on the wall for the whole flight.
would anybody really do this ?
it's disrespectful right ?

i know this is a rubbish photo but what i'm trying to show is...
the american bloke's friend... another american businessman.

he rested his foot on the wall for the whole flight too.

it's as if they were having a competition to see who could put their foot highest 
on the wall for 45 minutes.
no... i found that rude.

it was rude of them to put their feet on the walls but i also didn't appreciate
being able to see their ugly-ass shoes for the whole flight.

grrr !

i'm going to end it here for today and leave you all to think about good manners,
etiquette, common decency and the code of being a gentleman.

don't put your feet on airplane walls.
don't eat fried chicken on a bus and leave the box on the seat afterwards.
don't push in when people are queuing.
don't ride your bike on the pavement.
don't talk about how much better everything is in australia.
don't put yellow peppers in an omelette.

what ?


  1. nick (traumatised from seeing a smile) nameless25 January 2013 at 09:57

    who knew you had teeth?

    1. i know.
      i let my guard down... i let myself down...
      that damned monkey.

  2. Book the monkey for the self portraits! :-)