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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


ok. i know it's january 29th but today is the first day of how my
blog is going to be this year.

different stories or observations all lumped together into a daily post.

a bit like when i used to tidy up my blog folder i suppose.

anyway, here goes.

orange foamposite nike air force 1's.
if you know me well, you will know that orange is my favourite colour.

there used to be a french lady in my building and one day a few years ago
i did a shoot for her. photographing some small white corian tables she had made.
i shot them on an orange background.

i used to like it whenever she spoke of the photos... the way she said "orange"
in a french accent. it made the word even better.

yesterday i had a shoot in a casino and my client is a french lady. when we were
experimenting with the lighting, she said that she liked it when the walls
were "orange" coloured. the way she said "orange" in her french accent...

on the flip side, have you ever listened to the way americans say the word ?
maybe it's a certain american accent but the way they pronounce "orange"
absolutely murders the word... a bit like they do with the word "mirror"
there's a tv advert for florida orange juice at the moment. 
keep an eye out ( or an ear open ) for it... and you'll see ( or hear ) what i mean.

i'm not trying to knock americans ( or praise the french ) i just find it interesting
the way some words can be made to sound better ( or worse )

i also appreciate that i have far from a perfect grasp on pronunciation.

for instance the way i say "bath" and "butter"
( good job i rarely use those words in the same sentence )

too many brackets ?
( thought so )

iphone pic alert !
a t-shirt i was given the other day.
it's a promotional t-shirt for a company called

no idea why they are called that.

i have a lot of people saying they like it when i publish photos that show
behind the scenes at my shoots. i will try to publish more of them this year.

here's one that my friend took on saturday with his phone.
maybe you had to be there but i think this pic captures what was going on perfectly.

self-portrait from the same shoot

iphone pic again.
a take-away coffee from the nordic bakery yesterday.
check me out wearing proper shoes.

i have more but i'm in a rush.

see you tomorrow.

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