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Thursday, 24 January 2013

more from koh samui

ok i reckon one more day after this and then this blog will be back to normal.

for today though... more iphone pics from last week in koh samui.
maybe some of them i managed to publish last week but if so, i think they
are worth seeing again when they are followed by other pics from the same day.
also perhaps they are improved by a little photoshop ?

although i had my own private pool and a bloke making me omelettes
every morning, i still managed to look miserable for two weeks.

this was when i was having my breakfast on 13th january...
( my birthday )
some thai bloke shimmied up all the trees with an axe tucked into his belt
and hacked away at the coconuts and branches

falling branch alert

to my embarrassment, as i was just finishing my omelette
some staff came over singing 'happy birthday' and presented me with a cake.
what a nice gesture.
some of my fellow breakfast diners joined in and applauded too.
i was so tempted to stand up and give a speech... maybe tell a few jokes
and sing a couple of songs, but just as i was about to stand up, somebody
'accidentally' kicked me under the table... and the moment was lost.

my birthday suit.
swim shorts and t-shirt by orlebar brown
very tidy.

as a photographer, it's always a bit of a dilemma as to what kit to take on holiday.
for this trip i took just one camera... my fuji x100.
it's a really tricky camera to use. not at all user friendly.
i have a bit of a love / hate relationship with it.
or at least i did.
nowadays i love it.

sunset on january 13th 2013
( my birthday )

dessert menu at a restaurant i ate at on my birthday.
bacon and eggs for dessert ?
what the what ?!

embarrassment again.
after dessert the waitress brought out a birthday cake as she sang
'happy birthday'
i was about to stand up when i remembered the bruise on my shin.

one of the nicest emails i've received in a while.
all in lower case.

even better.
lower case and in orange !

many thanks.

i took 6 pairs of shorts with me so choosing which to wear each day was
often a tricky decision for me.

choosing breakfast was easy though.
omelette with ham, sausage, bacon, cheese and peppers ( red and green )
this time i accessorised with 3 potato croquettes, a slice of smoked turkey
and some swiss cheese.

my whites.
hat and t-shirt by stüssy

finalhome likes a bit of stüssy too.
here he shelters under a stüssy hand towel.

what the what ?!
this lad kept me company one afternoon while i was relaxing by the pool.
grrr !

each day there would be a breakfast special alongside the regular items.
on january 14th
( my birthday boxing day )
it was bacon butties.

i had an omelette with ham, sausage, bacon, cheese and peppers
( red and green but not yellow )
the three potato croquettes were a standard request but today i shunned the beans.

holy focaccia !
battenberg for breakfast !
( my favourite cake )

this is me heading back to my table with my 5th slice of battenberg.
i was under the impression that battenberg counted as one of my 5-a-day
so by having 5 slices...

i do like bape. you know that right ?
i love the logos but also the fact that they put in so much detail on their pieces.
even the ape head logo on the t-shirt has apehead camo stitched onto it.
an apehead on an apehead but the whole thing is about 17mm in length.
the watch face too has some tiny apeheads in the camo plus some great
slogans in place of the rolex words.

finalhome likes chips. 
what can i say ?

a load of my footprints in the sand.
bapesta footprints.

more tomorrow.


  1. lots of x100 owners seem to say the same thing. mine bugs the hell out of me sometimes but i'd never part with it.

    i really like the footprints in the sand shot - almost looks like a tapestry somehow!

  2. whoever sent that email with the orange happy birthday is nothing short of a genius! ;-)