snapshots and observations

Monday, 14 January 2013

my birthday boxing day. ( honestly, that's what I call january 14th )

i won't lie. it's really difficult trying to blog from my phone here in koh samui. 
sometimes the photos don't load. sometimes i can't get them to appear big enough. 
plus i can only use iphone photos. 
normal, proper blogging will return when i am back in n7 but in the meantime...
i thought i'd see if my bapex is waterproof. 

and my official birthday portrait
please note my new style for 2013. 
i have abandoned the miserable look and am showing a lighter, more approachable side. 
i'm all smiles as you can see. 
the reasons for the new me ?

i am in thailand.  the weather is beautiful. the food is amazing and 
i'm staying in a cracking apartment with it's own swimming pool. 
oh, and it has a belting coffee machine right next to the bed. 

happy ( birthday boxing day ) times in koh samui. 


  1. Happy birthday Mark (and an even more belated Happy New Year!). Best wishes.