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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013. a review by me... mainly featuring photos of me.

my main memory of january is of being in thailand for two weeks.
january is also the month of my birthday.
( january 13th since you ask )

i do like thailand.

in fact i might well fly over there again next friday
( three days before my birthday )

as ever, i couldn't resist taking photos of myself in thailand
as ever, i looked just about as miserable as i could.

posing up with two of my friend m1's angels at a short lived project in wc1

in february i received this very limited edition pair of sneakers
converse year of the snake pro leather highs in a perspex box.
genius !

in march i had a very annoying shoot.
i was sent to the wrong address...
oh it's a long story.

in the end the pics were fine.

sadly it was the last shoot i did with my most punctual ever assistant... 

as she left sunny london to start a new life somewhere else
( i didn't really listen to her to be honest )

she was a good little assistant, though she did have a penchant for fancy dress,
and she did stare at me like paddington bear on at least one occasion on every shoot.

in march these quality albums turned up at whitfield towers
a gift from my friend chris in toronto.

as you know, i do like receiving packages through the post
( leave it )

in april i went to barcelona.
i stayed in hotel mirror.

as you can imagine, i did more than a few self-portraits there.

in may i was interviewed and photographed for a korean magazine

they kept asking me to smile

which let's face it, was never going to happen.
but i did my bit for anglo korean relations and in the photo they used 
in the magazine i do have a less than usually miserable expression.

i was on a bit of a far east roll in 2013 as i also had a couple of shoots in japan
one in china and sold t-shirts to japan, hong kong and singapore.

this photo was in may, in china...
just outside my hotel in beijing.

this was one of my favourite photos of the year.
nothing special, just a staff discussion about cheese in a restaurant high up in the shard.

also in june i did some photography to advertise design junction
the space was incredible and before i did the actual advertising shots
i did a few of myself

and one with angel 'a'
sitting on one of m1's sofas

in july i stayed a night in a hotel in leeds.
like a bad person i brought take-away fish and chips to my room.

you think that's bad, you should see what i brought to my hotel room
in edinburgh in november.

in july i photographed somebody with very nice hair
no... not this person

i mean this 
look at my barnet. 
it was pretty much perfect this day.
but maybe i need to work on my guns ?

in august i went to torquay.
whenever i go there i always photograph this ice cream display.

in august i made my first batch of t-shirts.
they went all over the world.
this is my friend marc in singapore
representing n7.

i also honed my mr breakfast making skills in the month of august
this effort was in god's own country

in september i flew to new york.
hours after landing i had a shoot with one of my favourite artists.
patrick earl 

later in the month i attended a girl on girl wedding ( or whatever they're called )
it was one of the nicest weddings i've been to in recent memory.
one of my highlights of the day was the food...
they only went and hired a fish and chip van to do the catering !
outstanding !
( though i must dock them a point for using a capital 'm' )

in september i did my final shoot with my favourite assistant ( for this year )
bad cop / bad cop

in october i holidayed in santorini.
it was ok i suppose.

i also was commissioned to shoot on 'the island'
at a restaurant owned and run by friends of mine.
they were very pleased to see me.

in november i had one of the best shoots of the year.
it wasn't a big shoot, it was just the most pleasant... the most fun.
the only one where i asked the police to get out of my way because
"some of us are trying to work here"

the only shoot of the year where i ended up in handcuffs.

the day after the previous photo, i flew to tokyo
tokyo means many things to me, but typically the thing it means most is...
omotsando koffee
my favourite coffee shop in the world.

also in tokyo i hooked up with my friends kana-chan and coco-chan
we did a little shoot together before heading off for a massive burger-fest.

in december i returned to the queue game.
with my friend tonytwentyone i was at piccadilly circus tube station 
at 5am for the launch of the nike x london underground air max 90's 
and air max 1's.

later that day i was supervising window installations at whitfield towers
in what was probably the big story of the year here in n7.

so now the year draws to a close and i can look back on 2013 fondly.
i have new friends, new shoes and new windows.

sure my expression is still miserable, my stories too long and my jokes are old

but i have new friends, new shoes and new windows.

and like a man who can't pronounce his "f's or his "t"s...

you cant say fairer than that.

what ?

see you in 2014 everybody

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  1. entertaining as always and I'm saying that just because there is a bossy photo of myself in this post.

    let's try and make a meet-up happen sometime this year at some place in the world.

    omotesando koffee might just be the spot?