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Sunday, 1 December 2013

sunday... the continuation of iphone friday and don't ask saturday

i left you on friday after tucking away a breakfast bap and just about to head over to a factory to see a very important piece of luggage being made.

here was the first ( iphone ) photo i took

a little while later, after passing through various stages, 
it looked like this
if you are interested in the name of the company who make these fine pieces of luggage...

it's globetrotter.

while i was there they were making some cases for agent provocateur 
and were using this silk patterned material for the linings

and to cover the little jewellery trays or whatever they were

they also had part of the factory making leather goods
here are some off-cuts i found

i'll do some proper photos of the finished piece soon,
but in the meantime, here's a sneaky iphone pic of it
in a cafe in leicester a day later,
just about to be taken into another factory.

another factory, another blogpost.

while i'm wrapping up friday's blog,
let me clarify yesterday's too

i should start with this iphone pic from a chip shop in edinburgh
last wednesday evening.
that's right.

deep fried mars bar
why not ?

the mars bar gets dipped in batter

then dropped into the deep fat fryer
you beauty !

one last photo before it's wrapped up

and another photo a few minutes later when i was just about to tuck into it 
in fairness it wasn't as gross as i was expecting it to be.

rather than leave you with that bad taste in your mouth,
here are a few other iphone pics from my little jaunt to edinburgh.

scottish money. 
grrr !

a coffee i was given during my shoot.

a photo of my camera i took while i was drinking my coffee.

a massive percentage of edinburgh shop window displays looked like this.

how much for those brogues ?

what the what ?!

welsh sounding anti-bad back tablet for the long journey back to london.

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