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Saturday, 7 December 2013

iphone saturday

well... i do have a load of iphone pics to get through.

as you know, i do like a bit of routine.
i always have a haircut before i go overseas. i won't lie, it's so my hair looks as
good as possible in all the self-portraits i'm bound to take while i'm away from home.

ordinarily i have my hair cut the day before i travel, but this time that was impossible 
as i had a shoot the day before travelling to tokyo, so i had it cut a day earlier.

whenever i get my haircut, afterwards i always head straight to a place called ray's stitch
for a flat white and a cake, but moving my crop forward a day meant that it was the day
ray's stitch was closed... so i had to go to costa instead.
( i only use costa coffee in cases of emergency )

however the costa opposite my haircut place was empty ( which is my favourite amount
of other people i like to see in my coffee joints ) and also they had started selling
christmas cake ( which is my favourite yuletide themed snack )

so all in all, i was fairly ok with the situation.

er... marc... do you still think i'm good at telling stories ?

oh, this is the place i told you about the other day... where i did an
unprecedented number of self-portraits ( with my new haircut )
the next day, i flew to tokyo.

my lunch in the ba lounge at t5
ordinarily i wouldn't have eaten but the flight was delayed by 2 hours and i was hank marvin.

i think i was probably saying "is there any chance ?" at this moment.
i booked my seat way in advance and on the ba website it looked like i 
was going to have untold legroom.
luckily enough there was nobody sitting next to me so i did manage to 
spread out a bit and watch three stupid films during the flight.

my view for 10 and a bit hours.

tomorrow let me bore you with my first day in tokyo.

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