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Thursday, 26 December 2013

7 from xmas day for boxing day

it was xmas day in whitfield towers
it's a long( ish ) story but this calendar will now always remind me of the bloke
who fitted my new windows... which is an even longer story.

oh, rewind to the night before christmas
when i erected the christmas tree of shame

don't be silly. it doesn't stay so sparse looking...
it gets decorated with a single paper bauble.

the only other xmas decorations at whitfield towers are these lads
the christmas edition bearbricks from maybe 10 years ago.

oh, as a nod to christmas i put on the yule log
have you got this dvd ?
it's a corker... you can play it with the sound of just the fire crackles
or with carol singers... or with both.

i didn't buy much for mrs w.
i think the best thing i gave her was this coaster
( yes, just the one )

please feel free to boo and hiss me for being such a grinch.
i probably deserve it because among the many nice presents
mrs w gave to me was this really beautiful print of my favourite building.
the post office tower.

i would really like to live there.

wouldn't you ?

happy boxing day everybody.

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