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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

west 1 and bound 2

i had a shoot in w1 this morning.

the pr person is an old friend of mine and agreed to join me for 
the traditional final shot of the day.
little did we realise, the chef sneaked into frame.

grrr !

so we did take two
in fairness, i kind of prefer the first frame now.

what do you reckon ?

oh and this has nothing to do with anything really but it's been in my head for weeks
and every so often i am tempted to just say "bound" at the end of a sentence.
or even "aha honey"

the song is rubbish... or is it ?
it's edited so badly and it's such a mess of terrible lyrics and 
samples that i must admit, it's kind of grown on me.

also i've never really had a good look at kim kardashian before and she's kind of 
beautiful isn't she ?
i mean, sure... there are health and safety issues with her bike riding technique
but she's a good looking lass.

but what would jeromey romey romey rome think ?

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