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Saturday, 28 December 2013

behind the scenes

here are a few photos from my shoot with big 'o' and little 'o'
a couple of weeks ago.

whitfield towers portrait studio set-up.

extra height boost for little 'o'

and possibly my favourite part of the traditional xmas shoot.
when i give my camera to little 'o' to shoot some portraits of me.
i think he pretty much does a shot like this every year...
he says the camera isn't working, i reach to take it from him and then 
he takes a photo.

as you can see, i have a lot of patience with kids and i'm always very smiley 
and friendly around them.

also i have lots of facial expressions when i'm being photographed.
i think this is when little 'o' asked me to smile.

and here are two of my shots of the boys
i'm pretty sure they were cracking up here after i told them one of my stories.

and finally
good lads.

thanks to little 'o' and big 'o' for posing and for helping me out when i was stuck
for a blog post or two.

see you next december.

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