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Sunday, 8 December 2013

iphone sunday... my first day in tokyo

some iphone pics detailing my first day in tokyo.
thursday 21st november

in fairness i don't know where this was. maybe it was over japan though.
just as i was tucking into british airways finest breakfast.

i do this shot at every baggage carousel i ever stand waiting at.
i think if you look back over my blog you'll see many examples of this type of shot.

a similar shot to the above effort.
this was as i was waiting to board the narita express.
it's the quickest and easiest way to get to central tokyo from the airport.

i got off the narita express at shibuya.
this was as i walked over a bridge from one side of the road to the other.
nice looking day for late november.

on the walk to my hotel i stopped off at lots of vending machines.
i've mentioned the machines many times before on my blog and even now
i think they are one of the most genius things about tokyo.
they drinks change seasonally and hot ginger ale was a new thing for this winter.

after checking in at my hotel i thought the best thing to do was to head out to 
omotesando koffee and get coffeed up. however i got distracted on the way by 
the sock-game at a little shop just over the road from my hotel.
i took note of this place and promised to return.

omotesando koffee is notoriously difficult to find.
it's tucked away down a tiny little road not particularly close to any shops.
( i've told you this before haven't i ? )

the barista actually recognised me and we had a little chat, which was very
nice indeed. then i settled down in the courtyard to enjoy a flat white and a custard cube.

a little while afterwards i ordered up flat white number 2.
after a sleepless night and with a long day ahead, i was now feeling
pretty awake and with it.

these photos are all in order but i guess some time went by when i didn't take any photos
because it's dark here.
this is outside bapekids looking in

the people at bapekids directed me to bapeland.
an exhibition at nigo's home celebrating 20 years of a bathing ape.

here's a photo i took using photosynth of nigo's garage.

and a more traditional shot of his bape camo mercedes

downstairs there was a bale cafe.
free drinks and free krispy kreme donuts

it was a blinding little cafe

great tables and chairs

after the bape exhibition i went for a walk.
i didn't really know where i was, then i walked past this place and then i got 
my bearings back ( if that's the phrase )

within minutes i was outside loopwheeler watching the machine make 
some of their fine fleece.

then 30 seconds later i was inside the "be a good neighbour kiosk"
having a flat white with finalhome.

later in the evening i arranged to meet agent 'y' for a cheap and cheerful curry.
sadly she wanted to meet me outside the busiest starbucks i know.
the one at the shibuya crossing.
this photo doesn't do it justice, it's like i caught it at a freak moment when it
was almost empty. the place is one massive pavement full of people waiting to meet up with people. luckily i was head and shoulders above most of the locals and 
easily spotted agent 'y'

she took me to a place that had this window display.
a big vat of curry sauce being stirred.
genius !

the menu

 cheers !

i asked a waiter to take a photo of us.
so he did this one.

then this one

and finally...

as you can see i was very happy with the amount of meat in my curry sauce.

after the ruby, agent 'y' took me to margaret howell so i could buy a load of socks 
in tokyo that were made in leicester.

on the way back to my hotel i spotted an interesting sticker

and bought a few essentials that i'd forgotten to bring with me.
i like that the toothpaste is called 'breath communication etiquette.

and then i hit the sack for what would surely be a long and successful sleep.

right ?

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