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Friday, 13 December 2013


it's a long story.

but the punchline is... i'm finally getting my new windows fitted
at whitfield towers.

here are the old kitchen windows
grrr !

after knocking the old windows out, there was a bit of a wait.
let's call it a "technical hitch" with the new windows...

during this time the fitters sat outside 
and swore a lot in polish.

i sat down with them and thought about the bloke who'd measured up the 
new windows incorrectly
and swore a lot in english.

i handed my camera to one of the blokes and he took this one
which i later saw revealed that one of them was enjoying a tasty beverage while
working 6 floors up on a narrow ledge and swearing in polish.

i'm not really one to pose for photos. i mainly like to stay behind the lens
( what ? )
but you know how it is... it's definitely a photo opportunity, right ?
i won't lie... i was holding onto the wall with my bum cheeks.

then the other bloke took a photo too
then we all went inside and waited... and waited...

it's a long story...

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