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Thursday, 19 December 2013

converse x clot x undefeated all stars

this is how far behind the time my blog is.
the box i showed you yesterday contained this drawstring bag.
and it arrived at whitfield towers maybe late august, early september.

in the bag that was inside the box
these beauties.
they were an asia only release i think.
a collab between converse, clot and undefeated.
no... maybe not asia only, i guess they had to be available at undftd stores.

check out the sweet details
orange soles and a clot logo on one shoe

and the undefeated logo on the other
gum tips on the white mid.

undefeated and clot branding on the insoles
orange silk lining

not bad eh ?
nice pattern on the lining too.

great details everywhere.
branded aglets

these are really very nice
at first i wasn't convinced about the zips

they work really well and also the zip pulls don't touch the ground.
it's all very well worked out.

so that's about it
another great pair ( in my opinion ) to try and hide at the towers.

iphone friday tomorrow.

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