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Monday, 2 December 2013

what the dickens !

i was in edinburgh on a shoot last week.

apart from eating a deep fried mars bar, that could only mean one thing.
a self-portrait

or two
my even more than usually miserable expression was caused by my back 
killing me and the prospect of a 5 hour train journey ahead of me.

re-winding a few weeks, i was in a cafe in leicester just before a meeting.
beautiful light in the place.

genius in fact
there were loads of locals watching me getting my camera out and 
crouching down to photograph the table.
i could hear them all taking the mick and all that, but the thing is...

well the thing is, you have to not care what people think or what they say sometimes.
they are not great pics but i think they are quite good, and i'm glad i took the trouble to
get out my camera and do them.
and i love cafes.
( proper cafes )

another thing i love is this quote. especially the first part.
but i think he should have packed it in after the word "despair"
yes, he should have packed it in then instead of labouring on a bit.

if you'd like me to edit any other famous works, just drop me a line.

i don't like unnecessarily long stories.

what ?

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