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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

part two

well that was rude.

but then again there's nothing worse than cold pizza, right ?

so where was i ?

oh right...

after taking a few pics of myself and 'u' i decided to ask the receptionist
who'd been helping us earlier, if she would like to pose up in a couple of photos.

when i returned from explaining to her what i wanted, i found 'u' taking photos
of the police.
what the what ?!

i nipped this photoshoot in the bud and asked the boys in blue to step back behind the camera and to drink their coffees, keep quiet and watch the master at work.

i won't lie. the receptionist was a fox
and she was pretty good at posing.

i took that as a challenge
so i asked 'u' to take a couple of shots of me and the receptionist.
a pose-off, if you will.
this is obviously 1-0 to me.

and again.
let's call that 2-0 shall we ?
too much smiling from the receptionist, just the right amount of attitude and misery from me.

feeling on top of my game i asked 'u' to come join in my reindeer games
and asked the old bill to take a couple of photos.
although i had to change up my pose for technical reasons, i still maintained a high 
standard of misery as 'u' and the receptionist smiled away for the boys in blue.

back to my standard n7 pose
as 'u' tried to out-fox the fox.
the police were having a great old time, drinking free coffee and taking photos.
then they piped up that they had to go back to the station and had just one thing
to do before leaving...

what the what ?!
out came the handcuffs and i was read my rights.
crimes against photography according to the arresting officer.

i tried to escape and ran off into the car park but they caught me by the bollards*

all in all it was one of the best shoots i've had all year. the location was great
and i did some really nice pics.

but it was really made special by 'u', the friendly receptionist and the two police
officers who were such a good laugh and so friendly to a cheeky northerner
they'd only ever seen on posters at the station before.

* that line courtesy of the two ronnies circa 1975

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  1. i'm worn out from all the smiling...

    coolness under provocation from yourself as usual; nice one