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Friday, 5 November 2010

my bearbrick collection

i started collecting bearbricks about 6 years ago.
at first i bought lots of them but i would say that in the past 3 years i've only bought
maybe 5 or 6. 
now i only buy bearbricks by artists i like or if they're rare and i like the look of them.

i showed you earlier where my 400% bearbricks are displayed, i showed last week where my 1000% bearbricks are:

now let me show you where i display my 100% bearbricks...
there they are... just to the right of the bobo.

here's a closer look at the display...
not bad !

the top row spell out the word 'bearbrick'
i think they were from series 3 or 4

now let me show you some of the others...

first up, the kaws dissected
which i bought earlier this year. i guess that the next one i should show is...

the original kaws 100% from way back
this was one of the first pieces in my collection. i reckon it's worth a few bob.

working through the rest from the most rare or expensive downwards...

i think this was the special 'artist edition' from series 1. very rare.
funnily enough, i have two of these, so if anybody is interested... ?

this is a nike 'artist edition' also very rare

this is an unkle bearbrick from years ago
when i used to buy them off ebay

and a gloomy bear edition...

next up, a stussy bearbrick from way back
nice and simple.

this is a devilbot edition, check out the little tofu-boys inside working him
maybe i will show you my tofu-boy collection at a later date ? !

another kaws dissected. this was the third edition
the flogging a dead horse edition ?

i can't even remember what this one is. it's quite rare though... honestly.
and you know i like kanji

this is a nike basketball effort
nice face

as is this one. i reckon this would make a great 1000% bearbrick
i do like it when people make wood effect things out of plastic

this was designed by frank kozik
from back when i was a bit of a kozik fan

the next three were designed by futura 2000
i think that's supposed to be an illustration of a mother with a child on her lap giving him a smacking... honestly.

i think all three of these were something to do with parenting... or perhaps i dreamt it ?

the next two are bathing ape camo bearbricks, firstly the green camo...

then the blue camo version

this one is a special kill bill edition... the bride

and the blood splattered bride...
i think these two came free with the japanese release of kill bill on dvd.
i bought them off ebay

these two were designed by eric so
a hong kong artist who i rate

as was this one
i bought this in a coffee shop in new york years ago

with each series of bearbricks, medicom release a flag edition.
series 1 was the usa flag

series 2, the union jack
( you beauty )

i have a few other flag editions, but the only other one i display is this...

i bought this andy warhol artist edition in bangkok 3 years ago

and this eames artist edition in bangkok 2 years ago

in tokyo last year i visited the loopwheeler store in harajuku and bought this...
loopwheeler edition flocked bearbrick. they had a 1000% version too which had
it's whole body constructed from loopwheeler fleece. it cost some serious money so i stuck with this 100% version.

you'll be pleased to know that's about it from my collection of postmodern porcelain.


  1. you don't have the south african one. that's disappointing...

  2. for who ?

    i have the australian flag bearbrick if you want it ?

  3. for who? i thought you were south african?

  4. i thought you were from new zealand ?

  5. you've got big balls saying that...

  6. How much do you want for your spare series one artist edition?
    I've been looking for the red spattered white guy for some time.


  7. Hi i was wondering do you know any good websites to buy bearbricks from?