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Monday, 30 January 2012

eva air food

those who have followed my blog over the past two years will know
that i can in no way be described as a fussy eater right ?

i flew to thailand with eva air and although i can honestly say
the service on board was outstanding... i wasn't that impressed with the food.

this was probably the highlight of my main meal on the flight back to london.
having already turned away a massive salad, then politely refused the fennel soup
i was left with two little pieces of garlic bread and a glass of moet.

ok... this quickly turned into 6 glasses of moet, but the drink was absolutely
necessary if i was to sit through the whole of 'stupid crazy love'

if you're travelling between thailand and london i would highly recommend eva air.

and there you have it... the final post from my trip to thailand.

normal service will return in the next post.

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