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Friday, 20 January 2012

holiday footwear ( part one )

i travelled, or ( as i've discovered playing scrabble on an ipad which uses a u.s. dictionary )
"traveled" to thailand wearing these bad boys...
one of my two pairs of adidas x colette century lows.
i haven't worn adidas for ages and although i don't like the style of this shoe as much
as i like the adidas superstar or shell-toe, i do like the colette customising on these.

it's a simple enough idea isn't it ? just take an all white pair of century lows...
... and attack them with a fat black felt tip pen.

the dubres and lace tips are a nice touch too
 these came with white laces too and a special adidas x colette drawstring bag.

bringing heat ( that wasn't really needed ) to a very hot thailand.

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