snapshots and observations

Friday, 27 January 2012

girl on a swing

you know full well that i wanted to call this post "the odd couple"
or "the beauty and the beast" but that seemed a bit cheeky so i didn't.

the thing is... there was a couple staying at the same resort as me
and to cut a long story short, she was skinny as you like... you know,
really skinny and he... well he wasn't.

honestly, it's not just me being nosey, everybody would double take them as they
walked by. the bloke was by far the biggest bloke there and she was the skinniest.

i always wanted to take a photo of them as they walked by but it seemed a bit rude.

but one evening i was sitting with a beer getting ready for the sunset and they
walked in front of me. she got on a swing and he started pushing her.

i only took two shots as it seemed a bit cheeky, and even then i took
them off the hip so hopefully the other people nearby couldn't tell i was
'papping' them.

anyway, maybe it's not much of a story. maybe you had to be there to
find it interesting, but what i would say is... it's quite a nice photo isn't it ?