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Sunday, 29 January 2012

finalhome in thailand

on the first day in phuket i left my sala unattended for a few minutes
while i went for a swim...

when i returned, who do you think i saw relaxing in my spot?
oh no !

it was finalhome !
helping himself to a drink and lounging around in my sala

he posed up for a photo
but i could tell from his facial expression that he was impatient to hit the hotel
bar and to charge a load of drinks to my room.

later in the afternoon i spotted him asleep on the branch of a tree

and a little while later he was sitting by the pool
trying to get a bit of sun on his back

finalhome is quite a lazy bear
he just likes to drink and sleep... ( and to annoy other holidaymakers )

one day i took him for a walk on the beach

i held him up for a photo in front of the sea

and then i left him to it

after that i didn't see much of him for the rest of the holiday.
i'm sure he was up to no good but generally when i did spot him he was
doing what he does best... lounging

and sleeping

the last time i saw him, one of the staff told me he'd refused to settle his bar bill
and he was being held under house arrest
oh dear !

( he was later deported back to n7 where he is now residing in my camera bag )

more of finalhome's adventures to come at the end of march

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