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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

japanese food in thailand

i love thai food. that much has been well established on the streets of n7
( where i am treated like royalty when i make my weekly trip to nid ting ) 

in fact i rate thai second in my list of favourite foods from countries.

however there's only so much chicken massaman i can take, so one night
last week i ate at a japanese place in patong called "fuji"
it had a queue outside the place which all japofiles ( is that a word ? ) will know,
is a very good sign of japanese food.

after waiting outside for 10 minutes i was seated and given a menu with
photographs of the available dishes... it didn't take long to spot my favourite
the wagamama no.71 !

after necking back a fresh lime juice the 139 turned up
and all was well in my world.

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