snapshots and observations

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


i'll level with you. this blogging on holiday thing is not going to be very prolific.
you see, i'm simply not taking many photographs.
this is mainly because it's a lazy-ass holiday and every day so far i've just been
sitting by the pool or on the beach, reading and swimming ( not at the same time though )

so the only things i've photographed so far are my holiday footwear, frogs and my breakfasts.

also i'm finding it hard to poke about with my laptop and sketchy wi-fi so i reckon for
 the rest of the holiday i'm going to just do one post per day... it may even be one photo per day.

and today's post is this
one of the many bottles of water i've been knocking back while sitting by the pool
reading aberystwyth based novels.

it's not that i find the water interesting but thai writing... wow ! thai writing is great isn't it ?


  1. hey mark,
    i enjoy reading your blog very much. i'm thai. phuket is my birthplace and now i'm living in bangkok. thai writing on the bottle means something like "water branded...phuket hut"

  2. thanks for letting me know.
    i love thailand. bangkok is a great city and i also like phuket and samui.
    i appreciate you checking out my blog. thank-you.