snapshots and observations

Thursday, 26 January 2012

strange boat, ship, yacht or whatever it's called.

on my last day at sala phuket a very strange looking boat turned up.

ok, boat probably isn't the word is it ? what do you call it ?
a ship ? a yacht ? vessel ?

well i'm no expert but it certainly looked like a strange effort... you know
... the design of it and all that.
the front and the back bits ( bow and stern ? ) seemed to be slanting
in the wrong way... do you know what i mean ?

here's a bit of a pull, where maybe you can see it better
oh, as you can see, after a while the side of the thing opened up and out of it
came two jet-skis and also two motor boats.

it certainly caught the attention of the people at my resort... by one they all got off their loungers and got up to take a look.

and to take photos

... any idea what this thing is ?
and what's the story with the bits sloping the wrong way ?


  1. The bits slope the wrong way because thats what you get if you cross a yacht, Philippe Starck and a Russian billionaire!

  2. The yacht is called "A" and cost $200m and was built for Andrey Melnichenko.
    It was named after his super model wife.
    I have to ask myself... "but is he happy?"